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Auto Cluster Development & Research Institute Promoted by Govt. of India, Min. of Comm. & Industry, DIPP. Delhi, Supported by Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) and Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA).
Creating Infrastructure Support to promote innovations & Collective learning

Exhibition Hall Booking Form

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Terms & Conditions

Exhibition Hall : Agreement Guidelines as of February, 2018
Auto Cluster Development and Research Institute

  • Rs. Two Lacs Non-Refundable advance to be paid for confirmation of booking.
  • 50% of the amount to be paid on or before sixty days from the booking and balance amount to be paid before one month of the Exhibition.
  • Security deposit of Rs. Two Lacs for hall / halls to be paid at the time of taking the possession of exhibition space. This security deposit will be paid back after handing over premises and settlement of Electricity bill.
  • Open Food court is complementary and shall be allotted to organizer who has first booked Hall A or Hall B. In case another organizer books the second Hall, they will share the catering service on mutually agreeable terms.

General Conditions

  • Temporary sheds and Hangers even for food court to be installed without damaging the Roads & open spaces.
  • The entire exhibition area including food court to be cleaned up after the exhibition and to be handed over to ACDRI without alteration / damages latest at the time of taking over of the Venue to ACDRI.
  • The Entire Layout of Stalls & Hangars in the open space to take care of convenient movement of Fire Tenders.
  • The Layout inside the halls to take care of emergency exit. Signs of emergency exit to be displayed suitably.
  • Parking of vehicle inside exhibition compound is not allowed on exhibition days.
  • Eatables are not allowed inside the exhibition hall.
  • Signage's for exhibition should be fixed as per PCMC rules and regulations.
  • Organizer cannot object if same / similar kind of exhibition ware booked before or after their event.
  • Cooking in Auto Cluster premises is not allowed.
  • Auto Cluster Management reserves the right to cancel the booking in case of exigency, Unavoidable circumstances such as natural calamity or possibility of law and Oder problem etc.

Organizers Responsibilities during exhibition at his own cost

  • Permissions for Exhibitions
    ITPO permission, b) Police permission, c) Traffic Police permission, d) PCMC Permission, e) PWD permission for DG set and f) Local Body Tax ( LBT ) and f) Other necessary/ statutory permission required for the respective Exhibition.
    Copies of all relevant Permissions from various authorities to be submitted to Administration department of ACDRI one week before taking over the possession of Exhibition area. Without written permissions NO Possession will be given for the exhibitor.
  • DG set for lighting and Air Conditioning is to be arranged by the organizer. Recommended minimum capacity of DG-Set is as below.
    For Hall A:- 160 KVA minimum for Lighting system and 380 KVA minimum for AC.
    For Hall B:- 125 KVA minimum for Lighting system and 250 KVA minimum for AC.
    For Hall ( A + B ):- 250 KVA minimum for Lighting system and 500 KVA minimum for AC.

    ( Pl note DG set requirement is considering minimum requirement, organizer has to calculate the respective load and then select the DG set KVA) PWD permission for DG set is must and to be handed over to Auto Cluster Administration Seven days prior to Exhibition. Please be in communication with our Admin dept : 020-66333711 before finalization of DG Set.)

    For initial start of set up Electrical power supply will be provided by ACDRI, Initial reading and final reading will be taken and Organizer's to pay the of electrical utilization charges at Rs. 18 per unit at the time of taking over of the venue. ACDRI will not supply power to exhibition. From start of exhibition to end of exhibition, lights as well as AC have to be operated on Generator only.
  • Provision of Drinking Water inside the Halls / pendals.
  • Compressor for compressed Air if required.
  • Emergency Exit signs to be suitably displayed inside Exhibition Hall for evacuation in case of fire or other emergency.
  • Caterers for food supplies and food court arrangements. (Eatables are not allowed in the Halls.). Cooking is not allowed in Auto Cluster premises.
  • House Keeping and Security of the entire premises for the period starting from taking over till handing over. Toilets will be handed over to organizer in a cleaned and hygienic condition. Organizer to maintain the same and handover in same condition at end of exhibition period.
  • Fire fighting Vehicle and Ambulance is to be arranged by Organizer
  • CC TV camera system to be arranged for both the Halls.
  • Signage's are to be fixed as per PCMC rules and regulations.
  • Advice you to prefer Mezzanine floor partition height 3mtr for stall to avoid A/C cooling problem.
  • In case of any "Mishap" inside the Exhibition hall, during your contract period, it is the Exhibition organizers responsibility to control the situation, by calling the police or necessary outside help.
  • In case of any minor injury or major injury or loss of life of any of the person / persons / visitors inside the Auto cluster exhibition premises, it is responsibility of Exhibitor to take necessary actions, and medication as required. Provision of First Aid box, Fire Extinguishers and the Ambulance etc in case of Fire / Emergency situation inside the Exhibition hall, etc.
  • NO Protest, Shouting, or Chaos is allowed inside and outside the Exhibition area, Exhibitor organization to take care and avoid such situations if arises.
  • Safety and Security of the Auto Cluster persons and assets, premises during exhibition, inside the exhibition area it is exhibition organization responsibility.
  • In case of any emergency situation inside the exhibition halls, due to misbehavior of the visitors, organizer or any other persons, it is the exhibitor organization responsibility to control the situation and call the necessary help of Police and Media.
  • Auto Cluster management / team is no way responsible for any miscommunication between the Exhibitor organization and the expected visitors resulting in crises situation and creating chaos inside or outside Auto Cluster premises area for any type of exhibition.
  • Auto cluster team can take necessary help from Police of Legal guidance in case above conditions are not followed by the organizer.


Terms & Conditions for Auditorium

Auditorium Guidelines with effect from January - 2016
Auto Cluster Development and Research Institute

  • Full amount of rent charges to be paid in advance for confirmation of booking.
  • Culture program, Songs/music is not allowed.
  • Outline of program and copy of invitations sent to participants to be submitted at least 4 days before program.
  • Food preparation is not allowed in ACDRI premises.
  • Eatables/Drinkables are not allowed inside the Auditorium.
  • Tea, Snacks, Lunch, dinner to be arranged on lobby passage. Inside Cafeteria can be provided if available at extra charges.
  • After catering Lunch/Dinner housekeeping cleaning to be done by organizer.
  • Posting signage, Banners on Walls, Glass, Door not allowed.
  • Stage banner, frill to be fixing only with push pins as per sample of ACDRI. No any other material to be used to fix.
  • Fixing of banner on lawn or lobby passage without damaging ACDRI property is permitted.
  • Back drop on stage to be made on self stand.
  • Poster/Banner, signage not to be fixed on main gate and compound.
  • Flower Rangoli is allowed on lobby passage, normal Rangoli is not allowed on lobby passage.
  • Stage Chairs 10 nos. Seating capacity of hall is 174 Seats.
  • 1 Podium, 2 Table mike, 1 Cord less mike and 1 collar mike will be provided.
    (Please keep your mobile switch off while using collar and podium mike for its proper working)
  • Auto Cluster Management reserves the right to cancel the event in case of Unavoidable circumstances such as natural calamity or possibility of law and Oder problem ets.
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